1. Which flights are available for online booking?

Online booking currently is available on all international and domestic flights operated by Vietnam Airlines and some codeshare flights operated by partner airlines.


2. How do I use the E-Ticket I purchased?

At check-in, just present your Electronic Ticket and your passport/ID to receive your boarding pass(es). 


3. Which payment methods are acceptable?

You can make the payment with the major credit card: Visa, Master Card, Diner's Club, JCB.


4. How can I find the best fare offered online?

When you search flight, our online booking system will automatically search and display fully available flights with fare types for your selected flights/dates range.


5. Can i change my online booking which is confirmed & the E-Ticket was issued?

Please provide us your order code or reservations code by email, depending on the departure time & current time we will make the change for you, which is chargeable.


6. How many passengers can I book online?

You can book a maximum 06 seats in one transaction.

7. What is our price inclusive of?

Our price is inclusive of Fares, Taxes, Fees & Charges and it's the final price.

Fares: the cost for transportation from Airport to Airport by air plane

Taxes, Fees & Charges: Applicable taxes, fees and charges imposed by government or other authority, or by the operator of an airport, or by airlines or another Carrier, shall be payable by you.

8. Im traveling with 03 children, is it allowed? if not what should I do?

Each adult passenger is allowed to accompany 02 children only. In case you're traveling with 03 children, you must request for assistance to 01 child by our flight attendant, which is chargeable. Such request should be done before departure date or on the day you make the booking. 

9. We are traveling in group with 10 people, your website muximum passenger to book online per time is only 6, so what should we do?

Please devide your group into 02 booking or contact us at reservations@vietnamairlinescorp.org with full information of 10 passengers (full name as shown in passport (for domestic flights), date of birth, passport number, issued date, expired date, issued country, nationality (for international flights)) for supports.

10. What are the baggage allowances for economy classes and business class?

Vietnam Airlines adopts international aviation standard baggage allowances. Anyway, individual passengers in different areas may apply for different policy. Kindly check out our Baggage section for more details.

General allowances

- Economy classes: Checked baggage: 20kg/pax & Hand baggage: 7kg/pax

- Business class: Checked baggage: 30kg/pax & Hand baggage: 15kg/pax

11. Can I book a ticket online and make the payment at the airport?

No, you can't. According to Vietnam Airlines' fare rules, passenger must make the payment in 12 hours or at least 6 hours before the departure time to ensure ticket is available and buyable.

12. What are the conditions applying to web check-in passenger? 

Web check-in service is only available for passenger who does not have checked baggage but only hand baggage.

You are also required to have a computer connects to internet with a printer to print out the boarding pass.

Passengers who use the web check-in service are not allowed for change the seat after completing the process.

Web check-in service is available at 40 hours up to 2 hours before the departure time.

13. Which flights can I check-in online? 

Currently,Web Check-in service is applicable for flights departing from the following cities:

- Busan (PUS)

- Danang (DAD)

- Hanoi (HAN)

- Ho Chi Minh city (SGN)

- Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

- Phnom Penh (PNH)

- Siem Reap (REP)

- Seoul Incheon Intl (ICN)

- Vientiane (VTE)

- Singapore - Changi Airport (SIN)

- Tokyo - Narita Airport (NRT)

- Jakarta (JKT)

145. Can I check-in online for a group of 10? 

Web check-in service is allowed for maximum 09 passengers per time. Please devide your group into 02 small groups to be able to check-in online. 

15. Are online booking transactions/payments safe?

Yes, they are. Vietnam Flight Centre website participates in Verified by visa, MasterCard, Securecode, security feature, 3D secure code – the extra layers of security to protect our passengers' online transactions and SMS OTP, EMV OTP for Vietnam Local Card.

In addition, our online booking facility using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology – a high standard method to protect web communications and Daily Web Site Anti-Malware Scan. Data is encrypted (turned into code) before transmission to prevent it from being intercepted.

We always try our best to upgrade our system and payment tool to ensure our passengers' payments are safe.

16. Can I make online booking for infant(s)?

Yes, you can book ticket for infant without seat online at www.vietnamairlinescorp.org. Kindly contact us at (+84) 93 234 1011 for more details or supports.

17. Can I make online booking and request for assistance for children traveling alone?

Yes, you can. Please contact us at (+84) 93 234 1011 for more details or supports.

18. How do I make a change to my online booking or request for cancellation and refund?

Please submit an email to reservations@vietnamairlinescorp.org for any request to change, cancellation or refund. Phone, chatting requests are not accepted. 

19. Is ticket price inclusive of insurance fee?

Yes. Ticket price is inclusive of fare, taxes, passenger fee and insurance fee.