Economy Class


Premier hospitality and great value are guaranteed with Vietnam Airlines Economy Class. Our crew goes the extra mile to provide guests with the highest standard of service, quality dining, and the latest entertainment technology.

Vietnam Airlines takes care of every aspects of Economy Class experience and particularly its seats that feature a pitch of 31 inches to 32 inches and recline distance of about 5 inches to 6 inches.
The above specifications vary according types of air-crafts.

Our destination dining service offers a wide selection of foods inspired by the cuisines of Asia, Europe, and beyond. Featured menus are unique to each travel itinerary and we also provide special meals to accommodate dietary restrictions. All meals onboard are complimented with a wide selection of hot and cold beverages.

Recline and relax with a variety of in-flight entertainment, including worldwide cinema hits, popular TV shows, the latest in music, interactive games and more. We even have a large catalogue of international magazines available in multiple languages for the avid reader. There is something for everyone onboard Vietnam Airlines.

Onboard the B787, A330 and A350 aircrafts, passengers can access electrical charging ports from the convenience of their seats.

Modern LED technology is also included onboard the B787 craft to gradually adjust lighting, helping to create a calming ambiance onboard the flight. You can enjoy the harmony of white light for daytime trip, or fell relaxed with soft golden light warmth of the night flights, as well as be comfortable with the gradual transformation of the brightness at times when food is served.

Personal Amenities
All of our long-duration flights come with basic essentials such as pillows, blankets as well as premium toiletry items. Passengers can also require cabin attendant for some other amenities such as eye masks, “Do not disturb”, “Wake me up for meal” sticker to suit their needs during the flight.