Terms & Conditions

Conditions of website use

1. By accessing and using VietnamFlightCentre' website: www.vietnamairlinescorp.org for your reading, referencing or booking, you fully acknowledge your understanding and accepting, as well as agreeing not to violate our Term and Condition. We encourage you to read the following terms and conditions carefully before purchasing our products. If you object to any of it please leave this website immediately.

Please also be noted that VietnamFlightCentre reserves the rights to cancel or terminate any booking if it’s in such case:

  • (i) required by law.
  • (ii) payment is not made in time.
  • (iii) ticket availability issues.
  • (iv) system errors or any technical problems that may cause us in processing customer’s request.

2. All information on this site is conducted and belongs to VietnamFlightCentre, which should not be used, copied, changed or modified by any individual or organization. Failing of this condition shall be involved to law.

Conditions for online booking

1. Reservation can be made for up to 06 passengers.

2. Fares on the website are offering to website purchasers only and subject to change if no earlier reservation without prior notice.

3. Children from 02 to under 12 years old at the time of traveling must travel with an adult with same reservation code. 01 adult is allowed to accompany 02 children. For more than 02 children, please request for assistant by our flight attendant, which is chargeable.

4. Infants under 02 years old at the time of first traveling shall be charged at 10% of adult ticket price.

5. Children from 02 to under 12 years old at the time of first traveling shall be charged at 75% of adult ticket price

6. Payment should be done within 12 hours after booking completion and no later than 12 hours before the departure time. If you fail to pay for the ticket within 12 hours after making reservation, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

7. Any change, cancelation or refund request should be submitted by email to reservations@vietnamairlinescorp.org. Charges are applicable according to our Fares and Rules.

8. Passenger named on the ticket is not accepted for change or transfer to other.

9. Upon booking request, we’ll provide you an email confirmation (E-ticket) of your reservation(s) to your registered email. If you do not receive confirmation email from Vietnam Airlines within 3 hours, please contact us at +(84) 932 341011 or +(84) 96 835 8833 for supports.

10. Passengers are encouraged to check out our Fares and Rules section before making any reservation since each ticket class has its own conditions, which limit or refuse your right to change or cancel your reservation.

11. Seats are assigned according to the “first in, first serves” policy.

12. We will try to ensure but not guarantee all of your special requests such as religious, meals and wheelchairs are available.

13. Important Note: 4% services charges of the total paid amount should be borne by passengers.

Conditions of carriage

1. VietnamFlightCentre will only provide carriage to the passenger named in the ticket with required identification such as passport (for international passengers) or identification card (for Vietnamese passengers on domestic flights).

2. Passenger is not allowed to transfer his/her ticket to other.

3. Passenger is entitled to be carried on a flight if he/she presents a valid ticket (issued by Vietnam Airlines or agencies of Vietnam Airlines)

4. Unused ticket is valid for 01 year from the issued date. For any special reason that prevent you from traveling as detailed on the ticket, please contact us to know about the extended conditions.

5. Stopovers may be occurred as our agreement with other Agreed Stopping Places and should be detailed on the ticket.

6. We may refuse to carry you or your baggage (even if you hold a valid ticket or boarding pass) if we see that:

- It’s necessary in order to comply with any applicable law, regulations, or orders of any destination to be flown from/to/over

- Your information is not correct as earlier provided

- You refuse to co-operate with us on security check of your person or baggage.

- Your mental or physical state is not supposed to be carried on the flight.

Modification and Waiver

None of our employees, agents or representatives has authority to modify, change, or waive any provision of above-mentioned conditions.

We reserve the right to modify, change or update above-mentioned conditions without prior notice. This kind of modification shall not be applied or affected to prior carriage. 

Privacy Policy

Please check out our Privacy Policy for more details. It's a part of this Terms of Use.


This statement is complied with Vietnam Laws, which will be applied if any dispute arises between Vietnam Airlines Corp and you.


As an online booking website, we're responsible for providing our clients:

- All types of tickets from lowest to highest price for them to make the best choice.

- Best services include pre-purchase services and after-purchase services

- All solutions to support our clients to deal with any problem regards the purchase with us 

- Fastest response to any request at any time.

As our client, you're responsible for:

- Complying with above-mentioned terms and conditions

- Making the payment in time and fully

- Informing us immediately if any problem arises

- Respect and comply with Vietnam Laws and Cultures

Please contact our customer service center for more details. Thank you!